Happy second birthday…

Feb 13 2008

…to one of my favorite sites, Going Private. Among the best written and most enjoyably read sites I frequent, the only problem I’d cite is that its author doesn’t have time to write several posts per day.

And when she must, for a variety of surely-good reasons, let extended periods pass without new material, I find myself almost pining for the next post.

Which is really rather sad, now that I see it written out there, above. But no matter – I’m a big fan of her work.

…1.34 million page views, 401 posts, 86 trackbacks, 26.3 points of lifetime IRR net fees, 18 transactions, 14 date requests, 8 ambiguous invitations to coffee, 5 marriage proposals, 4.5 death threats, 4 threatening legal letters, 3 cities, 2 years, 1.5 promotions and 1 love letter later…

Of course, this post will effect the 87th (or 88th, or 89th…) trackback for her site. And if I were certain she actually existed, I’d probably bump her up to her 9th ambiguous invitation to coffee, just to hear how in the world she’s been able to craft, in addition to the business-specific but impersonal and well written posts, such an interesting body of obfuscated writing about supposedly real situations.

I don’t have cause to doubt the reality of her subject matter – far from it, as many of the events she chronicles have analogues, if not doppelgangers, in companies I’ve observed up close and personal. How such a widely read site can relate the stories she does and still hedge the risk of being de-cloaked remains a fascination for me.