What’s Italian for “chutzpah”?

Apr 14 2008

Via a WSJ email alert of a few minutes ago:

from The Wall Street Journal

April 14, 2008

Conservative leader Silvio Berlusconi appeared to clinch Italy’s national election Monday, making it likely that the media mogul will return as prime minister for a third time. Berlusconi’s center-right Freedom People party was set to get 164 seats in the upper house of parliament, the senate, while the Democratic Party of center-left rival Walter Veltroni was expected to win 139 seats, early projections showed. Though votes were still being counted, Veltroni called Berlusconi to concede defeat.

The election was called in a rush after the previous government, headed by center-left Prime Minister Romano Prodi, collapsed in January after only 20 months in office.

Assuming that the election plays out on present form, I’m not sure which I find funnier, Veltroni (about whom I’ve nothing bad to say) calling for concession when clearly things aren’t going his way, or the fact that the reporter was able to write the story with a straight face.

This, of course, brings to mind Hillary Clinton’s suggestion that Barack Obama would look good in Vice President’s shorts.

And now that I think about it, it also brings forth an old Monty Python skit.

(from 3 minutes in, actually, but the entire skit is a classic)