Finally, a bit of good news – Brown Wins in MA

Jan 19 2010

From the WSJ story of this evening:

BOSTON—A little-known Republican shook up the balance of power in Washington by winning a U.S. Senate seat in Massachusetts, a result that imperils President Barack Obama’s top legislative priorities and augurs trouble for his party in this year’s elections.

Cast beneath the front page story, these three bullets, pointing to stories I’m not linking here:

  • Independent Voters Abandon Democrats
  • Americans Weary of Government Intervention
  • Democrats Set Plan to Pass Health Bill

It could just be me, but one of those items doesn’t belong with the others, and in fact represents the root problem for which I hope Senator Brown’s election is the first solution step.

The Democrats, in sole control of the levers of government, are committing slow-motion suicide, and don’t seem to care. I hope, for the sake of the country, the sake of our political system, and frankly, the sake of the Democrats, that they don’t make the ignorant mistake of trying to whistle past this particular graveyard.

Oh, and Martha/Marcia (Go Patches! Do that dynasty proud!) Coakley? Perhaps the worst, most tin-eared, foot-in-mouth candidate ever.



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